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Metal Design
Metal Items and Laser Cutting

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Company Metal Design: sheet metal processing

Metal Design has been operating in the sheet metal processing sector since the 1950s, standing out for its experience and constant technological research and innovation.

Specialised in processing metal, Metal Design is always abreast of the times with its ongoing evolution and updates. The company intends to provide its highly skilled know-how and state-of-the-art technologies to meet demands from any market sector.

We modify sheet metal with manufacturing processes ranging from laser cutting, welding, shearing, assembly, bending, rolling, stamping and deep drawing to punching and application of inserts: every metal item is made with extreme precision thanks to advanced machinery and equipment and continuous professional training of human resources.

All metal manufacturing processes are customised based on needs and requirements: the cornerstone of the company's philosophy is the ability to listen to customers' needs and turn them into reality. Precisely the many customers we have been lucky to work with have made Metal Design a company that can perform any kind of metal manufacturing process, catering for very diverse market sectors and confident of offering a quality service.

Long-standing professional experience, constant training and technological research and listening to our customers: these special features have contributed to making Metal Design a solid a competitive concern, highly specialised in the production of metal items and metal manufacturing processes applicable to a wide range of sectors, from interior design to electro-mechanics.

Our Processes

Inserts are applied onto metal items with precision and in accordance with delivery deadlines.

Not just sheet metal processing: Metal Design also assembles single metal parts.

With sheet metal rolling, the metal part can be moulded into a curved shape.

Metal Design has innovative bending presses for accurate metal bending services.

Metal punching is another service provided by Metal Design.

Metal Design has invested on a brand new machine to offer an innovative service: the Riveter in orbital movement

There are two types of sheet metal welding: Metal Design performs them to a reliable standard.

We can also weld metal items with capacitive welding thanks to our research aimed at innovation.

Stamping is another kind of sheet metal manufacturing process provided by Metal Design.

Metal Design can cut any shape on sheet metal and on any metal.