Metal processing for over 60 years and innovation

Metal Design sheet metal processing

Metal Design stands out for its experience that started in the 1950s and its constant technological research on innovation: a company that has always specialised in processing sheet metal, with the ability to evolve whilst constantly keeping up-to-date on technology and company know-how and catering for various market sectors.

The long-standing professional experience and constant training and research on innovation have turned Metal Design into a well-established and competitive concern, highly specialised in metal processing applicable to a wide range of sectors, from interior design to electro-mechanics.

Laser cutting, welding and shearing, assembly and bending, stamping and deep drawing are just a few examples of our manufacturing processes, carried out with precision and state-of-the-art equipment.

Any manufacturing process can be customised based on specific needs: its very ability to listen to customers' requirements has made Metal Design capable of performing any kind of metal manufacturing process, with the confidence of offering a quality service.


Metal Design sheet metal processing

The company was founded in the 1950s and initially operated in the sector of metal processing for lighting fixtures.

In 1985 it changed its name to Metal Design and since then it pursued a policy of constant technological development that led it to increasingly specialise in all aspects of high-tech sheet metal processing: from shearing to stamping, deep drawing, laser cutting, CNC bending, stainless steel TIG welding, CNC rolling, combined laser punching.

Today, Metal Design is a well-established concern that can design and perform any kind of metal manufacturing process according to its partners' requirements.


We devote our every thought to our customer's needs: this is Metal Design's mission, always focusing all its attention to its partners' requirements throughout all the stages of every project.

Giving high priority to our customer's needs means Metal Design does not just operate in the metal processing field, but is able to offer a highly customised product that meets the customer's highest expectations, both in terms of overall quality and service.

This company philosophy is precisely the factor that led us to continuously evolve and produce items in any metal processing field: our customer's needs have always driven our constant search for perfection.

Metal Design celebrates thirty years of business: we have been dealing with metal manufacturing processes with a professional approach, innovation and passion since 1985.