All aspects of sheet metal processing

Metal Design's special feature is precisely the fact of providing a diverse range of metal manufacturing processes: this is thanks to its varied and unique know-how acquired by accruing experience over the decades and seeking solutions for different kinds of customers and requirements.

Today, Metal Design is a company specialised in various aspects of metal manufacturing processes, which can be customised according to the customer's needs, with an eye to innovation, to production time and to the quality of the end products delivered: in one word, to customers.


Application of Inserts

Inserts are applied onto metal items with precision and in accordance with delivery deadlines.


Not just sheet metal processing: Metal Design also assembles single metal parts.


With sheet metal rolling, the metal part can be moulded into a curved shape.


Metal Design has innovative bending presses for accurate metal bending services.


Metal punching is another service provided by Metal Design.

Riveter in orbital movement

Metal Design has invested on a brand new machine to offer an innovative service: the Riveter in orbital movement


There are two types of sheet metal welding: Metal Design performs them to a reliable standard.

Capacitive welding

We can also weld metal items with capacitive welding thanks to our research aimed at innovation.

Stamping and Deep Drawing

Stamping is another kind of sheet metal manufacturing process provided by Metal Design.

Laser Cutting

Metal Design can cut any shape on sheet metal and on any metal.